Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious. Instead, life is a celebration.  This is the motto and motivation behind Party Supplies & Creations. The store, located at 1515 Grand Central Ave. in Vienna, WV. opened in early August. It is owned by sisters, Donna Hickman and Debby Wilson, and is a true culmination of years of experience and talent pulled together to give the area a place they can go when they want to prepare a celebration.
Celebrating life means getting together with friends and loved ones to say how much you appreciate an individual’s life or the special events in their life. Growing up, Donna and Debby experienced this quite often. Their mother, Ruth Glover, loved getting together with friends and family. She created events with an atmosphere, putting a lot of care and detail into her celebrations. She passed away nine years ago but Donna says, “She would have loved a store like this.”  She’s not the only one. “This is a great business for this area because people want special items for their parties and we’re able to help them find just the right things,” Debby explains.
Over the past many years they had dedicated a lot of time and effort into helping their father, Don Glover, run a local organization called Alano for recovering addicts. Don opened Alano because he had a heart to help those who were struggling, just as he had once struggled. Debby worked with the accounting and book keeping for the organization and Donna helped with daily operations and organizing events. Don passed away two years ago. “The club was a lot of work and after a dad passed we decided to take a break. A year later we began talking and praying about opening our own business,” says Donna. “We discussed some different ideas but decided on a party store. We felt that was the way we should go,” Debby adds.  Debby spent many years in the banking industry giving her the knowledge and confidence to be able to make the transition to “business owner” a smooth one. Donna’s gift for creating and designing makes them a strong team. The business allows them to use their gifts and talents and it provides something to the community. “We’ve already had so many compliments on how nice our store is,” says Debby. “We want people to come in and enjoy shopping here.” It’s a place people can go and take their time in finding items that will create an atmosphere for the celebration they’re planning.  
Party Supplies and Creations is a celebration of life for Debby and Donna. With support from their husbands Paul Hickman and Terry Wilson, who have worked tirelessly with them, they have strong faith that the store will be a great success.  They are excited about their future with the store. “It’s a lot of work every day to keep the store running but we’re grateful for the opportunity to do this. We’ve truly been blessed,” Donna says.
Paul creating a work of art!
Celebrate Life
Debby and Donna
The whole crew
Terry, Debby, Paul, Donna
Donna enjoying her job!
Store full of everything you need.